National Education Research Agenda for Panama

This Agenda presents questions and research topics that were developed in a participative process that took place during the First National Education Research Agenda Symposium held in the City of Knowledge on October 23, 2018 with representative decision-makers from the country’s universities, foundations and NGOs, research centers, education entities and governmental offices. The Agenda builds off and is designed around the five central themes mentioned in Panama’s Compromiso nacional por la educacion (National Commitment to Education, COPEME), a civil society-led, UNDP-supported effort to delineate national education priorities and reform objectives.

The intention is for these general questions to be directed to all levels of the education system (from early childhood to post-graduate), in all contexts (public and private, formal and informal, etc.), and for all communities (at national, regional and municipal levels). The topics related to quality may be focused toward priority areas within government plans, such as reading and writing, mathematics, STEAM and ESL, or toward particular niches such as special education, early childhood development or blingual intercultural education.

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