Analysis of university admissions test data by gender, major and school

University admissions tests collect data in different areas: mathematics and logic, verbal reasoning, and specific sciences such as chemistry, biology or physics. Analyzing this data by gender allows us to explore gender differences by area and thus document gender equity progress in our primary and secondary school systems as well as areas in which improvements can be made. Classifying the academic profiles of students that select different majors allows us to, among other things, collect empirical data for the anecdotal hypothesis that states one of the causes of crisis in the education system stems from the fact that the students opting for education majors are not necessarily those students with the strongest academic profiles.

Additionally, examining the possibility that certain schools are more precisely and consistently grading students in line with necessities for post secondary academic preparation while other schools are not (based on the test results reviewed), allows for determining whether these schools indeed do better at preparing students for future academic success, in which case, they may be considered models of best practice that could serve to improve the situations in other schools.

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